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How Reea Rodney braved all odds to become Amazon best-seller with three children’s books

Reea Rodney sought inspiration from her own experiences to author an Amazon best-selling children's book series, Juniper and Rose. Photo: Dara Publishing/Pinterest

Reea Rodney migrated from Trinidad and Tobago to the United States in 2006 in search of a better life for herself and her family, with no aspirations of becoming a writer. However, as fate would have it, writing found her at one of her lowest moments. Now she is an Amazon best-seller for her children’s book series Juniper and Rose.

Ranking #1 and #2 in various categories, according to Loop, were:

  • Juniper and Rose Children – Sisters First and Best Friends Forever 
  • Juniper and Rose Children – One More Bite Please
  • Juniper and Rose Children – We Will Always Come Back

Rodney, before becoming an author, decided to pursue a degree in pediatric nursing but fell mysteriously ill. She was later diagnosed with a chronic pain condition, Fibromyalgia. This disease affects primarily women and about five million people in the US have been diagnosed with it.

Now, the would-be pediatric nurse knew it was about time to alter her chosen career field but still uncertain with the exact thing to do. She shifted her focus on getting better and for the next two years of her life, Rodney changed her lifestyle and adapted to a healthier one and she saw a vast improvement in her condition.

The mother of two, who is also a full-time ‘Nanny‘ and a Certified Medical Assistant with an Associate Degree in Occupational Studies, decided to tap into her love for children and her experience raising her children to write a children’s book as part of her healing process.

She was inspired to write her first book in the series, Juniper and Rose: Sisters First and Best Friends Forever after her unforgettable experience taking care of twin sisters. She observed the bond between the pair, and how they relate to everyone around them, their friends and family.

With a strong desire to educate and impact the lives of children everywhere, not only those who encountered her physically, Rodney’s stories normally touch on separation anxiety, love, teamwork, adjusting to change, and among other things.

“I am passionate about making a difference in the lives of children; it’s important to teach them how to address life issues educationally and creatively,” said Rodney.

“I know in my heart that my future lies in sharing my stories with children in every walk of life; all over the world.”

Per Amazon, she set up her own publishing company, Dara Publishing, and her first book was released in 2016. The first book introduces readers to twin sisters and best friends, Juniper and Rose, whose friendship sails smoothly until their interests begin to differ and their differences become more glaring.

Their parents had to intervene and teach them the value of acceptance, compromise, and teamwork. Through that, they realized their differences are an asset that draws them even close than they thought.

“It’s easy is to see the differences between ourselves and others, but it’s harder to make sense of and appreciate these differences, more importantly, how to explain life changes and the value of diversity to our growing children,” the author said.

Rodney’s quest to improve the life of others set her on a path to becoming a Certified Life Coach, establishing her own coaching company along the line, Dara Wisdom and Empowerment Coaching. She has since published six Self-Improvement Workbooks, a Sixty Days Affirmation Collection for children, and a Reflection Journal.

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