BY Elizabeth Ofosuah Johnson, 12:00pm September 30, 2018,

Five ways African women escaped capture and enslavement in the early 1800s

At the turn off the 18th century, slavery had become a vibrant business for many European merchants in Africa. Strong Men and women were captured against their will and forced to sail on ships never to return. In the western lands, they were treated as property and made to work under harsh conditions with little or no food to eat or water to drink and take their bath.

At the start of the slave trade, it preferable to take male slaves, including young boys who presented a longer lifespan. After a while, however, female slaves began to be taken and made to work on plantations and in the house. They also became wet nurses and nannies to their owners’ children. African women also worked harder and longer than men because they were used to more activities in their homes in Africa. Many slave masters also preferred women for sexual exploitation

After a while, the demand for slave women shot up magnificently and African women came up with ways to escape getting torn from their families and taken in as slaves.

Here are a few ways African women escaped being captured into slavery

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