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It’s time for a manicure but here’s what your nail shape preference says about who you really are

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This may seem weird, but did you know your nail shapes say a lot about your personality?

Usually, when you walk into the nail salon, you know what shape of nails you want to leave with. Well, some experts say the choice you often make is not so random as they match your personality and style.

There are some basic shapes like the square, oval and round but with time, just like any fashion trend, some additional nail shapes have cropped up.

It’s okay to wear any but we are here to let you know what your choice may say about you.

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Square-shaped nails

When you wear nails in a square shape, you are simple and honest. You are a born leader and a firm person. You are more likely to succeed in your career choice because you are reliable and dependent. Everything you do is done to the teeth, paying great attention to details and oh you are not left out of the party when it’s that time.

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Round-shaped nails

Those who choose the round shape for their nails tend to move more towards the natural way of doing things and very confident about themselves. They are essentially happy people who spread love wherever they find themselves. When you wear your nails round, you tend to see the beauty in your surroundings. Also, you are the people’s favorite, and you are not a pushover but a highly reliable individual.

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Oval-shaped nails

You can say those who wear oval-shaped nails are the identical twins of those who wear the round-shaped nails. They are also innately happy people and a people’s person. They do well in social circles and are dependable people.

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Squoval-shaped nails

This is a crossover between the square and oval-shaped nails. Those who choose this shape are elegant and classy and will not be pushed into following any unnecessary trend. They are the trendsetters and are usually admired for their frankness. These happy go lucky people are born influencers and tend to be very resourceful to those around them.

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Stiletto-shaped nails

If you gravitate towards the stiletto nails, then you certainly don’t mind being the center of attraction at gatherings. You are not shy and would do anything to keep all eyes swimming your way anytime and anywhere. When there is a new fashion trend, you aren’t afraid to experiment to see if they would work for you.

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Ballerina or coffin-shaped nails

These groups of ladies are your typical girl’s girl but don’t be deceived – they complete each task assigned them without hesitation. They are goal-oriented and tend to move with people who share in their ideals. They can be great team players when their team is made up of like-minded people.

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Almond-shaped nails

Almond-shaped nails appeal to younger women and girls because they are one of the trendy nails they go in for. When you wear almond-shaped nails, you tend to seek attention sometimes for the wrong reasons. Nonetheless, your creativity shines through all you do. You are in tune with your sexuality and emotionally sensitive at the same time all the while being an amazing fashion influencer to your peers.

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