Get to know these five black female fashion influencers making an impact in the industry

Elaine Welteroth -- Photo via @elainewelteroth on Instagram

The global fashion industry is filled with lots of black female influencers who have carved a niche for themselves with their spot-on expertise and knowledge in the field.

In what is largely a white-dominated industry, these remarkable ladies are breaking bounds and have deservedly become household and sought-after names.

As a follow-up to our previous piece on black male fashion influencers who have made an impact in the industry, it is only right that we shine some light on their female counterparts.

In that regard, your ultimate online destination for global black lifestyle news, Nsuri, shares with you five black female fashion influencers you should get to know.

Check them out below:

Natasha Ndlovu — Photo via @natashandlovu on Instagram

Natasha Ndlovu

Born in Zimbabwe but currently based in London, Natasha Ndlovu is a model, blogger, and photographer. She is known for her popular style platform Bisous Natasha.

She has landed features in well-known fashion magazines, including Vanity Fair, British Vogue, Company Magazine and Hunger Magazine. Natasha has also collaborated with major fashion lines, including Boodles, Jimmy Choo, All Saints, Topshop and Asos.

Kahlana Barfield Brown — Photo via @kahlanabarfield on Instagram

Kahlana Barfield Brown

Based in Brooklyn, Kahlana Barfield Brown is a prominent fashion and beauty expert. She was formerly with celebrity style site, InStyle, where she held several positions including Beauty Director.

Kahlana is a regular face on some of the popular national television shows, including Today, Good Morning America, The View, Extra, as well as, Entertainment Tonight.

Tamu McPherson — Photo via @tamumcpherson on Instagram

Tamu McPherson

Born in Jamaica and raised in New York, Tamu is a seasoned photographer, writer, and editor. Currently based in Milan, she is known for her All The Pretty Birds site which focuses on fashion, wellness, culture, and beauty.

A former Editor-in-Chief of, Tamu has also written for and contributed to several fashion publications, including Vogue Pelle, Glamour U.S., Harper’s Bazaar U.S., Metro and Refinery 29.

Elaine Welteroth — Photo via @elainewelteroth on Instagram

Elaine Welteroth

Currently a judge on Project Runway, Elaine is a trailblazing fashion journalist and New York Times best-selling author. She made history in 2017 when she was appointed as Teen Vogue’s editor-in-chief, making her the youngest person to hold such a position.

She was also the first African American to hold a beauty and health director position at a Condé Nast publication. Elaine was also a senior beauty editor at Glamour, as well as, a beauty and style editor at Ebony.

Jan-Michael Quammie — Photo via @jan.quammie on Instagram

Jan-Michael Quammie

Currently based in Munich, Jan-Michael Quammie is a style director at Highsnobiety. She has also held positions at Instyle Germany and Material Magazine where she was editor-in-chief.

According to Quammie, she picked up interest in fashion at a very young age.

Speaking with Fashionista, she said: “I was quite exposed to the fashion industry at a young age. My uncle was a buyer at Bloomingdale’s and when I was eight, I would go with him to the office or buying appointments in the summer and on the weekends when I didn’t have school. I didn’t really know what he was doing at that age, but I knew that I wanted to do what he was doing.”


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