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Jamaica is not all about the amazing beaches, here are five enlightening places to visit

The Bob Marley Museum -- Photo Credit:

With its heritage deeply rooted in Africa, the island nation of Jamaica is one of the most popular and most visited countries in the Caribbean.

Besides its white sand and clear water beaches, remarkable landscapes, beautiful waterfalls, mouthwatering dishes and hospitable locals, the reggae nation is also known for its rich culture and heritage.

With a mix of both fun, as well as, historical spots scattered across the country that are all worth checking out, it’s highly unlikely a vacation to the Caribbean nation won’t be worthwhile and insightful. Just make that trip if you can!

To further buttress this fact, we share with you five places of relevance you can check out when you touch down. Check them out below:

The Bob Marley Museum — Photo Credit:

The Bob Marley Museum

Located in Kingston, The Bob Marley Museum was the reggae legend’s place of residence until his death in 1981. Marley purchased the property in 1971. Six years after his death, his wife, Rita Marley, converted it into a museum.

The Bob Marley Museum — Photo Credit:

According to the museum’s site, the property is home to Marley’s “personal treasures.” It also has an 80-seat theatre, a photographic gallery, a record shop, a cafe and a gift shop with Bob Marley memorabilia.

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Marcus Garvey’s boyhood home — Photo Credit:

Marcus Garvey’s boyhood home

Marcus Garvey’s boyhood home should be a place of interest for those who want to see where it all started for the iconic Pan-Africanist and Jamaica’s national hero.

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Located in St Ann’s Bay, the government of Jamaica activated a compulsory acquisition of the property last year to convert it into a living history museum.

Rose Hall Jamaica Photo D Ramey Logan.jpg

The Rose Hall Great House — Photo Credit: D Ramey Logan

The Rose Hall Great House

The Rose Hall Great House is filled with mystery and spookiness. Located in Montego Bay, the huge plantation is reportedly haunted by its former mistress, Annie Palmer, who is also known as the “White Witch.”

According to history, Palmer, who passed away over a century ago, was cursed by slaves who worked on the plantation for her savagery against them. Her malice knew no boundaries as she reportedly killed her three husbands.

Annie Palmer’s tomb

Restored by the government in the 1960s, the former colonial ruins and its environs is now a popular tourist spot.

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Nanny Falls — Photo Credit:

Nanny Falls

Situated on the John Crow Mountain in Portland, the Nanny Falls is named after Jamaica’s national heroine and former Maroon leader, Queen Nanny.

A sacred site revered by the locals, the waterfalls is believed to possess healing powers.

“The Nanny Falls has healing properties and the warriors, in times gone by, would come here to prepare for battle. While they were preparing, they would take a cut and then take a dip in the waters of the falls. If they returned with the cut they would not be allowed to go into battle. This is the healing power of the falls,” Wallace Sterling, colonel of the Moore Town maroons told the Jamaica Observer in 2016.

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Morant Point Lighthouse — Photo Credit:

Morant Point Lighthouse

Listed as a National Monument by the Jamaica National Heritage Trust, the Morant Point Lighthouse was constructed in 1841 by Kru men from Africa. Located at the most easternmost point in Jamaica, it is the oldest lighthouse in Jamaica and the first cast-iron lighthouse built in the Western Hemisphere.

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