Kenyans Protest with Mock Coffins

Stephanie Shaw July 03, 2012

Kenyans Protest with Mock CoffinsIn Nairobi, demonstrators left mock coffins just outside the gates of the Kenyan parliament.

About 200 protestors left exactly 49 coffins outside the parliament building. The coffins represent the 49 years of independence from British colonization. Though independence is positive, the years post-independence drowned in multiple corruption scandals that exploited Kenyan citizens.

Boniface Mwangi, one of the demonstration organizers, said, “…49 coffins for 49 years of impunity in this country…we need young Kenyans to vote and know who they vote for.”

Another demonstrator discussed the need for strong leadership and accountability.

The protest happened last Thursday, marking a strong ascension of political tension as the country’s general election, slated for March 2013, gets closer.

Kenya’s last general election happened four years ago, during which escalated violence post-poll led to a number of fatalities. The aftermath of the election on December 27, 2007 caused uproar. The current president at the time, Kibaki, was accused of rigging the polls in order to secure his re-election.

Upset citizens targeted the Kibaki’s Kikuyu tribe and mass killings erupted. The Kikuyu retaliated with mutilations and starting fires which led the nation into its worst climactic violence since 1963 independence.

Though Kibaki will not be running in the 2013 election, Kenyans still have concerns about presidential candidates. Two of them, Uhuru Kenyatta (Deputy Prime Minister) and previous minister William Ruto, will be tried by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for crimes against humanity.

Hopefully more trustworthy candidates will come forward before the official election in 2013. The people of Kenya need a leader who will be effective at uplifting the nation and diminishing violence.


Photo credit: Reuters/ Thomas Mukoya

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