Keys to long life: 102-year-old Darlington County woman shares her long life regimen

Dollita Okine June 01, 2023
For 102-year-old Annie Mae Belin of Darlington County, her secret to living long is minding her own business and keeping her faith. Photo Credit: abc4 News

To many individuals, healthy food and exercise may be the best combination for longevity, however, for 102-year-old Annie Mae Belin of Darlington County, her secret to living long is minding her own business and keeping her faith.

Belin shared this revelation during her 102nd birthday party, surrounded by family and church members of the Truth and Fellowship Ministry in Florence, according to WPDE.

When asked to share her tips for living a long healthy life, Belin said, “Trying to tend to my business. And leave other people’s business alone, unless I have to get in it. Because I love to talk and I love people.”

Her statement has brought her into America’s spotlight, where she was even gifted a t-shirt that reads, “Mind Your Business” by The Brownings Apparel, according to ABC news4.  

Surprised by the sudden attention she’s been receiving, the 102-year-old further explained that it was a habit she learned from her mother.

She added that her mother taught her and her siblings that it took six months to tend to one’s business and another six to leave others’ business alone, which makes up the whole year.

Apart from minding her business, Belin shared that her faith in God is also one of the reasons she has lived this long.

She explained that she reads the Bible instead of involving herself in idle gossip, adding that it has aided her graceful growth. She also revealed that she completes the Bible every year, reading it from the book of Genesis through to Revelations.

Belin’s pastor, Dr. Jonathan Briggs, who was one of almost 50 people to attend the birthday celebration, called Belin one of God’s prized possessions. “I’m humbled. For God to trust me with one of his prized possessions is a testament that his hand is upon me.” He also added that to have the opportunity to pastor Belin is a humbling experience.

As for Belin, she was glad and thankful to celebrate the addition of one more year to her life. The centenarian looked content during her party, adorned in a tiara and lots of jewels.

Even at her age, she makes sure to get her hair done every two weeks by her personal stylist, the former Mayor of Darlington, Gloria Hines.

She also shared that she keeps her skin glowing with a special cream, although she didn’t name the brand. “I have wrinkles sometimes, but I have a cream. I ordered that cream, and I can put it on me. Like all of this and all of that. It takes it away,” TBS News reported.

Overall, she lives a good life and enjoys it, only missing the days she used to work. She recalls the days she used to work with R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, which was her first job where she made cigarettes.

Annie Mae Belin counts herself as blessed because of the support she has around her. She makes sure to always start and end her day with a prayer of thanks.

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