BY Naomi Zabasajja, 4:44pm June 03, 2014,

Poem: Truth, World Held Hostage By Lies


They say the truth will set you free
The truth holds the key
The truth is the answer to all
Because nothing is truer
Than what is true
Truth seems to hide
Truth seems to despise
Truth doesn’t want recognition or notice.

But lies always shine through
Lies are desperate for the spotlight
Lies feed off of attention & undeserving pride & confidence
That causes it to raise its own flag and let it billow in the breeze
Over a nation that once had the potential to pledge allegiance to principle
Instead of fall down for fabrication.

Lies feed off of knowing how much it’s needed
How much so many require it
So many fake stories
So many untrue tales
So many conspiracies & unwanted prophecies
So many cover-ups
But so little chronicles of clarity
So little limericks of lucidity
No more magical words
Just novels of novelties.

The truth will set you free
But how is that possible
When the truth can’t seem to set itself free?

The truth
Is the shy best friend to a lie
Truth pushes lies forward in its most-timid moments
Creeping away to unknown crevices
And lets lies take the show.

You know the truth hurts
And many would rather dress their wounds from conniving behavior
With bandages of artificial facts
That offer temporary soothing to the seething red hot pain lies bring but somehow seem to help
But soon rise again & must be bandaged over and over
To hide the truth from coming out.

But with the truth, many are frightened to seam their wounds through it
Like that alcohol swab you shy away from that stings so badly and seems to eat away at your skin with its burning sensation
But in the end cleans away all the dirt and sickness that once survived within the cut
And only leaves room for good & healing.

But with lies we only try to treat it with fake remedies even though they could be cured by the truth breaking out of its own shell

You know the truth hurts
Because it wants so much to overcome its stage fright
And free the world of the tantalizing grip lies hold around both its and our necks
So fragile but made stronger by things so unreal
So unstable
So untrue.

Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: March 25, 2016


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