BY Michael Eli Dokosi, 10:04am May 29, 2020,

Man dies in Minneapolis protest as white woman stabbing looters plays victim

Target store looted in Minneapolis via

With the murder of 46-year-old African-American George Floyd on Memorial Day at the hands of white police officer, Derek M. Chauvin and three others, protesters began gathering at noon on Wednesday near the city’s 3rd Precinct station, demanding the fired officers face criminal charges.

Protesters skirmished with officers who fired rubber bullets and tear gas in a bid to disperse the mounting crowd. By Thursday morning, smoke hung over Minneapolis and looters carried merchandise from a damaged Target store with no interference by police.

It is in that melee that a white woman in a wheelchair was caught in a video not only trying to stab looters from leaving a local Target, but it was revealed she is able to walk without the assistance of the chair.

While the Target store was ransacked as people made off with electronics and other goods, Jennifer, attempted to block looters from the store which was well and good till she reportedly tried stabbing some of the looters.

Others tried to push her from harm’s way given she was supposedly handicapped, but she did not heed the warnings and eventually got hosed down with a fire extinguisher and was literally shoved in her chair out of the way. Later in the night, a video of Jennifer crying about the assault surfaced but, of course, she failed to tell the part she attempted stabbing the looters instead of minding her business.

Twitter users promptly shared her videos pointing out inconsistences in her supposed heroic act where she conveniently overlooked white people looting focusing on the black looters.

Mayor Jacob Frey has meanwhile appealed to the Gov. Tim Walz to activate the National Guard after three straight nights of clashes on the streets of Minneapolis.

Meanwhile, a man was found fatally shot Wednesday night near a pawn shop with police spokesman John Elder, noting it was most likely the store owner might have shot him.

A bystander’s cellphone video showed Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck for almost eight minutes as he eventually became unresponsive.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office and the FBI in Minneapolis said Thursday they were conducting “a robust criminal investigation” into Floyd’s death and was making the case a priority. The officer and three others were fired Tuesday, and on Wednesday, Frey called for him to be criminally charged.

Gov. Tim Walz tweeted for calm Wednesday night, calling the violence “an extremely dangerous situation” and urging people to leave the scene.

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