Poem: Manifest Destiny Turned Upside Down


Native Americans

Your new state of mind, actually, never mind!
Please remind them to, at least, mind the new world we live in.

From New Hampshire to the New Mexico,
What is a manifested destiny
When the fate of the first American people isn’t [still] even valued?

Preserve your sanity,
Here is a reservation.

From the Old Mexico to the New York —
What if Native Americans never sold Manhattan for a penny?

Infliction of deceit,
Inflation has us double checking our receipts,
And nowadays,
We can barely afford to have some savings.

There you have it, now, where do we go?

New Jersey?

We are now the New World as we are forced to get up and get out,
Manifesting our outrage.

Where do we go now?

New England?

We cannot really relate to the first settlers from Old England,
Will they have a home for us?

We believe in a better tomorrow,
Not just your new money.

Get back a new key and get rid of your old money,
Since we value our mentality and built new homes without doors.

— Liberating thought, you are the reason why there’s a Liberia.

Poets would rather go to New Zealand and politics, Australia.
Poetry is queen.

Old people of this new world, that’s the end of the begging —
Here’s the beginning of the end of an old era.

Welcome to the New Utopia where intellectuality is called “New Africa.”

Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: March 25, 2016


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