Mean Girls

Sandra Appiah April 12, 2011

By: Millie Monyo

With friends like these who needs enemies??? I heard this time and time again but have begun to wonder is there even such a thing as a true enemy anymore or have we all become frenimies?

It goes as far as Biblical times.. When Mary Magdalene showed up to wipe the face of Jesus and people condemned, whispered and called her a prostitute. Was that even true or was she just “good friends” with a few men? I’m sure I may need to refresh my bible history a little, but it makes my point that Girls are mean!

The part that confuses me is when the same girl that “hates” everything about me is calling me on the phone to invite me to her birthday party. Do you really hate me or is it just natural to want to talk bad about people? So my solution to this is not to take it personally, we all have to just “play the game.”

As we see on reality TV shows like Basketball Wives, Real Housewives of everywhere, Hip Hop wives, etc. women can really tear each other down. But the one thing that is not shown is what that behavior does to the person internally. None of these women are truly happy.

We need to do better, No more secret hating, enough of the malicious gossip. How about we get to actually know each other and try to see if we could be friends..


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