Who You Calling A -itch??…

Sandra Appiah April 12, 2011

By: Millie Monyo

As a woman who was raised in a society where it is implied that women should be agreeable and amenable, speaking up for yourself can label you difficult or bitchy. I personally have found it difficult to do that very thing. I often struggle with the idea that just because :

# 1) I’m a woman

#2) I’m African/Black

#3) I am intelligent & successful

I must be dainty and sometimes over simplified in order to make a man feel comfortable…??

We as African women are expected to take care of home, take care of our husbands/mates and still look great doing it. We should get a pass if we want to have an attitude from time to time.

I especially hate when I just happen to be eavesdropping and I hear a couple talking and it just so happens that the fella so clearly does not know what he is talking about! It irks me to no end to hear this woman remain silent and agree.. Are we in the 1950’s? Last time I checked it was 2011! Speak up and be a Queen B!


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