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Meet the 9’6″ Ghanaian now reported to be the tallest man in the world

Sulemana Abdul -- Photo Credit: BBC

Sulemana Abdul, the tallest man in Ghana, received the shocking news that has attracted unexpected global attention to him. Recently, in one of his regular check-ups at a local hospital in the northern region of Ghana, Sulemana was informed that he had reached 9 ft 6 in (2.89m) in height.

Sulemana’s new height likely makes him the tallest man in the world, ahead of the current title holder Sultan Kosen of Turkey, who was named the tallest man in 2009 by the Guinness World Records for attaining 8 ft 1 in (2.46m) height and two years later, measured 8 ft 2.8 in (2.50m).

A few years ago, Sulemana Abdul was diagnosed with gigantism, a rare health condition that occurs when a human experiences unusually high levels of growth hormones, causing them to grow very tall. Since his condition was detected, Sulemana attends monthly medical check-ups to manage the complications of his body growth.

While at the hospital, the nurse attending to him asked him to stand straight against a measuring iron, and on careful observation, the surprised nurse said, “You have grown taller than the scale.”

Awuche, as he is popularly known, didn’t feel surprised to hear that he was still growing, having gotten accustomed to the non-stop growth. But the news caused mass hysteria among the nurses and other hospital staff who crowded around him.

The Genesis of His Growth

His health condition began to manifest at the age of 22 in Accra, Ghana, where he went to stay with one of his brothers while working as a butcher to raise money. He woke up one day and realized that his tongue had expanded, making him unable to breathe well. He went to a local drugstore to get medication, but a few days on, he started noticing that every other part of his body was also increasing in size.

His steady growth became a worry as he began experiencing different adverse health conditions. He has been living with Marfan syndrome – a genetic disorder that affects the eyes, heart, blood vessels, and connective tissues such as ligaments and tendons. It can result in an abnormally curved spine, a tall and slender body, and excessively long arms, fingers, and legs.

Sulemena has since relocated to his village, where he lives now with his brother, and survives by selling mobile phone airtime.

Medical doctors have proposed a surgical procedure to end the growth and deal with other health challenges. However, Sulemana is not able to afford the medical bill. He spends about $50 for each hospital check-up – an amount he finds too difficult to raise.

Local Icon

Aside from the attention he is now getting internationally, Sulemana has been a longtime celebrity in his local neighborhood. His visible size catches regular attention as he traverses through the dusty roads in his village smiling and waving to people. People often come around to sit and chat with him, crack jokes, and take a selfie.

He said that none of his relatives have a growth disorder like him. “None of them are tall, I am the tallest man.”

He hopes to get married someday and have his children, but he is currently focusing on seeking a permanent solution to his health issue.

He doesn’t get outweighed by his problems. He is always looking cheerful and interacting happily with people around him. Sulemana said, “Every three months or four, I grow. If you haven’t seen me for three months or four and you see me, you will realize that I have increased.”

“That is how Allah created me. I am ok. I don’t regret the way God created me.”

He is grateful for the love, care, assistance, and emotional support he gets from his family.

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