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BY Mildred Europa Taylor, 12:00pm October 06, 2021,

Meet the former college football star from Ghana taking over the fitness world with huge clients like Ludacris

Fitness star George Bamfo has huge clients like Ludacris, others. Photos: Twitter/Ludacris

Fitness remains much more than just exercise. It is a lifestyle, and this includes healthy habits and a healthy diet along with the right amount of exercise. Anyone can be in shape even in old age. Ghana’s fitness star George Bamfo, who is based in Houston, knows this very well. One of the fastest-growing celebrity trainers on social media, Bamfo has become known for his “core crunching full-body routines”.

With over 700,000 followers in 2021 on Instagram alone, he has captured the attention of many fitness junkies including celebrities like Kevin Hart, Tyrese, Larenz Tate, and Ludacris, who he currently trains.

From a humble beginning in Achimota, Ghana, Bamfo and his three older sisters immigrated to the United States to live with their father. Bamfo, who was then around 12 years old, recalled that even though he struggled in Ghana, it was nothing compared to his struggle in the U.S.

“I had to adapt so fast to the American way, learning the American style of English and also keeping up with all the pressures of being an African in the American public school system, it definitely wasn’t easy,” the celebrity trainer recounted.

But things started getting better for him, especially when he turned to sports. While in the 9th grade, he started playing football, and three years later, he received a full scholarship to play D1 Football at the University of Houston. And that was the moment he cultivated a passion for fitness. “We had to be disciplined, and so when you are trying to be the best football player, fitness is obviously the forefront. So I began to prioritize having the right diet and training correctly to get the best results.”

But due to injuries, Bamfo couldn’t continue in his hopes of becoming a professional player. Having graduated college, he got a job at a staffing agency where he remained for a year before being offered a sales position at a lighting agency. He worked there for four years. And even though he loved his job, he said he needed to find a way to exert his energy since he didn’t have football for that anymore.

Thus, he began to work on his fitness brand while working out every single day and capturing his daily exercise routines to his followers on social media. Then the moment he had perhaps been waiting for arrived. While on vacation, Bamfo was recording a workout when he caught the attention of rapper Ludacris.

“Luda saw me working out going crazy and he walks over to me and asked what do I eat and what’s my workout regimen because he saw how shredded I was and asked how do I maintain this physique.”

The two had a good conversation and went on to connect on social media where Ludacris continued to ask Bamfo questions about fitness. After about eight months, Ludacris offered Bamfo a full-time position to be his personal trainer in Atlanta.

“I’m not only working with someone I respect but I’m also doing what I love while getting paid for it,” he said.

So far, Bamfo has been able to travel the world, be on movie sets such as Fast & Furious while meeting other celebrities. He continues to share his workouts on social media. The fitness star grew more followers on Instagram during the pandemic as people had questions about dieting and core routines.

“Covid-19 was a unique opportunity because everyone was home and on their phones. Most people due to being at home gained a lot more weight and so fitness was on the rise. So I carved an opportunity to create workouts like ‘No Gym, No Problem’ where people didn’t have to leave their homes to work out.”

With over a million followers and showing no signs of slowing down, Bamfo looks forward to continuing to help others achieve their fitness goals.

“Staying dedicated and consistently doing the things in alignment with achieving your goals will catapult you to a level of success that will blow your mind! Understand that life is a Marathon, so ran your own race & keep making the choices that brings your closer to your dreams daily,” he said.

And for those who continue to ask questions about his diet and how to get great abs, he shared the following tips:

Eat Plenty of Protein. Eating enough lean protein promotes fat loss and muscle gain, the two most important elements for developing great abs.
Fewer Carbs, More Fat.
Get Your Fiber.
Eat More Yogurt.
Don’t Forget to Eat.
Drink More Water.
Cut Down on Liquor.

Last Edited by:Mildred Europa Taylor Updated: October 6, 2021


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