Poem: Mellifluous Africa

Christian Djimra Koumtog August 18, 2015

African woman
Renewed — it is like breathing;
I have to do it: write lest these inspirational words deter my Muse.

The way your beautiful eyes smile at me and your smile draws me…
You draw a picture of an unknown world (and) I belong to it.

I may not know where these winds came from and where they are going,
(But) believe me when I tell that I am able to feel it.

Mellifluous is your name as we move to your heartbeats.

For you seem like the other side of me which at creation was lost.
You are a kingdom that I will conquer at all cost.

You are the part of me poetry speaks of — beauty’s reflection…
I cannot stop thinking about you.

The harder I try,
The more the memories of you and I emerge that can’t be stopped.

Thus, I created a sound your heart can beat to.
Beats your feet may move to.

Words of romance that will move you.
African sounds, melodies, and rhythm ears haven’t heard of…


Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: March 25, 2016


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