by Abena Agyeman-Fisher, at 08:44 am, August 13, 2015, News

Nigerian Hospital Live Tweets Open Heart Surgery of 8-Year-Old

National Hospital Abuja

Looking to spread awareness about their nation’s medical capabilities, the National Hospital of Abuja, Nigeria, recently live-tweeted a successful open-heart surgery on a child, reports CNN.

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An unidentified Nigerian 8-year-old was born with a hole in her heart, but rather than seeking care outside of her homeland, the National Hospital took on the sensitive surgery on Tuesday and live-tweeted it.

Of their decision, Hospital spokesperson Tayo Haastrup explained, “We have a lot of Nigerians in need of these operations. This [live-tweeting] is for them to know it is possible to do it in this country.”

See National Hospital’s tweets below:


So far, National Hospital has performed five open heart surgeries in collaboration with Hospitals for Humanity, a U.S. charity.

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