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Christian Djimra Koumtog August 02, 2016
Photo credit: © Jessica Hilltout/National Geographic

On behalf of the Council of Chadian Youth, I am putting together a soccer tournament on August 7th and September 18th from noon to 6 p.m.

There are going to be four to five different teams, with many of them being African; however, other teams, such as Colombia, Haiti, the United States, and more, have also been invited to play.

After teams are randomly matched, the games will begin, with Chad vs. USA, Ghana vs. Trinidad & Tobago, Haiti vs. Jamaica, Ivory Coast vs. Gabon, Colombia vs. USA, and more.

Let’s say that you are from Colombia and need more players. You can reach out to any other Colombians and add them to your team. The Council of Chadian Youth allows this type of flexibility, creating bonds that value our common goals. Therefore, we will be consistently updating our player’s list as the teams grow.

In addition, if you have a team, such as Haiti, the United States, or the Ivory Coast, and you need more players outside of the people you know, feel free to reach out to other teams to add to your team.

The purpose of these two football events is to have a dynamic African community that encourages us to exchange and explore outside of our communities. The other objective is to create a sustainable African community that will not be afraid of her potential.

We hope to see as many African youth as possible and encourage friends and family members to come out to support this first initiative.

The champion will win a $500 to $1,000 check, depending on how many teams participate; medals are being created as I write, and one trophy will be rewarded to the CHAMPION.


Important details for players’ and team’s registration:

  • Each player’s registration fee is $20. The registration fee should be collected by a designated person since the due date is August 14th. You can meet with me or send it to me via Paypal or Venmo. My Paypal e-mail is and my Venmo’s username is @Christian-Koumtog.
  • Each team must have 10 to 14 players.
  • There will be five or more teams to play against.
  • Each team must have a captain and/or manager.
  • Each team must have at least the same upper uniform (jersey or T-shirt).
  • Each jersey or T-shirt should have a number (optional) to identify the player.
  • Each team is required to submit a list of players by August 14th; please e-mail it to or text it to me at 646 591-1674.

Please note the location details below:

  • AUGUST 7th (SUNDAY) AT VAN COURTLANDT PARK, Broadway and Van Courtlandt Park S., Bronx, NY 10462
  • SEPTEMBER 18th (SUNDAY) AT MULLALY PARK, Jerome Ave., Bronx, NY 10452

Indeed, there’s a desperate need for Black and White and All people to truly build together and have a community. Although my focus is Africa, it is not limited to that continent alone and that is why South Americans, Americans, and more are joining us to make the AFRICAN CUP OF NEW YORK CITY a success.

And as we get to play the BEAUTIFUL GAME together, we will change our future because we want to live in peace with one another.


Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: June 19, 2018


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