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Top 5 Cities To Visit in Nigeria in 2017

Mark Babatunde January 05, 2017 at 11:00 am

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1. Abuja

Photo Credit: jumia travel

Photo Credit: Jumia travel

Abuja became Nigeria’s capital in 1991, after the seat of government was moved away from Lagos. The city was specifically chosen for its central location, which makes it easily accessible from all over Nigeria. Abuja is one of Africa’s premier modern cities. The Nigerian authorities took care to develop the city as a planned settlement and avoid a repeat of the haphazard development that is Lagos.

Photo Credit: Naija

Photo credit: Naija

Abuja is reputed to be the fastest-growing city on the African continent with an annual growth rate of 5 percent. As Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja is home to the embassies and foreign missions of most countries that enjoy bilateral diplomatic relations with Nigeria.

Important landmarks in the city include the Zuma Rock, an impressive 792m monolith that lies to the north of the city; the Aso Rock Presidential Villa; the Ship House; the National Stadium; and the Federal House of Assembly.

Abuja also has several world-class shopping malls, exclusive 5 star hotels, and the Abuja International Airport.


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