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BY Francis Akhalbey, 12:00pm September 08, 2021,

Nobody believes these biracial children with different complexions are twins

Biracial twins Jakob and Joshua have different complexions -- Photo Credit: Jennifer Milner/ TODAY Parents

The March 2020 birth of biracial twin boys Jakob and Joshua reportedly saw over 20 doctors and nurses heading to their delivery room to catch a glimpse of a rare genetic marvel as they had totally different complexions.

Their Black mother, Jennifer Milner, told TODAY Parents she and her husband, who is White, were also left speechless. They had no idea such a thing could happen. Jakob took his father’s features as he was born with pale skin, blond hair and blue eyes. His brother Joshua, on the other hand, entered the world with brown skin, brown hair and brown eyes – taking his mother’s looks.

“Joshua looked like me and Jakob was really, really pale. We were completely stunned,” Jennifer recalled. “We both got a baby that looks like us!” she added. “How cool is that?”

The boys’ mother also said the siblings have totally different personalities. While Joshua is a “true people person” and enjoys engaging people, Jennifer said Jakob is more laid back and prefers to observe.

And though the twins’ different complexions continue to pique the interest of strangers when they chance upon them in public, Jennifer said some people react differently when they see her showing affection to Jakob.

“If I’m kissing him, I’ll notice people are looking at us and trying to figure out our relationship,” the 39-year-old mother said. “I once ran into a woman who knew I was pregnant and instead of congratulating me she said, ‘That’s your biological son?’”

However, Jennifer said the reception they get when people get to know the boys are twins outweighs the weird stares. “They’re a reminder that we’re all human with the same basic needs. The only difference is the complexion,” she said. “It’s really beautiful.”

Despite their different complexions, Jennifer said the feeling between the brothers is mutual. “They love giving each other kisses before bed. And Jakob will bring Joshua a pacifier. Of course, they tackle each other sometimes,” their mother said. “They’re like any other brothers.”

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