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Oprah Winfrey for president in 2020, will you vote for her?

75th ANNUAL GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS -- Pictured: Oprah Winfrey, Winner, Cecil B. Demille Award at the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 7, 2018 -- (Photo by: Paul Drinkwater/NBC)

Oprah Winfrey as a presidential prospect has long been discussed. Her rousing speech at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards reignited the women’s empowerment movement.  Winfrey’s street smarts, leadership capabilities, strength, and proficient business mindset are all great qualities for the leader of the free world to possess.  Let’s examine some reasons why Oprah Winfrey should be president in 2020.

She has charisma

Winfrey has a way with words and storytelling. If you recall her being the host of The Oprah Winfrey Show many of the topics that were discussed and the intelligent questions she asked her guests were captivating.

An Amazing speaker

Being president means participation in many speaking engagements. Although speeches recited by the president are organized by White House staff, Winfrey would without a doubt put her own twist on it.

She would beat Trump in a heartbeat

According to Time Magazine, in a poll taken in the earlier portion of 2017, Winfrey was a favourable candidate over Trump. Enough said.

Philanthropy at its finest

She wasn’t named one of the 50 most generous Americans in 2004 for no small feat. Her Oprah’s Angel Network has garnered over $80,000,000 before becoming defunct in 2010.  The establishment of Oprah Winfrey’s Leadership Academy for Girls in Johannesburg, South Africa has provided 450 students with quality education, extraordinary equipment, and excellent mentorship opportunities.

Master of reinvention

Born from meager means, Winfrey has overcome sexual abuse, teenage pregnancy, and self-inflicted doubt. She has used her adversity as stepping stones to assist and inspire others to overcome difficulties to become the best version of themselves.

An exceptional leader

Winfrey was able to take the position of a news anchor to host of a 30-minute program and transform that into a distribution deal that birthed The Oprah Winfrey Show to the formulation of her OWN network as well as various distribution and media deals.  That’s taking the hand you were dealt and playing it well.

She’s all inclusive

As a public figure, she has the ability to identify with many individuals from unique walks of life. She has the ability to connect with others regardless of race, religion, and creed. This is evident as her reign of one of the most influential media havens to date.

Though Winfrey doesn’t have political experience the skills she possesses can be transferred into the role of president.

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