Outrage as British tourist bites trader’s hand while trying to free caged hens in Moroccan market [Video]

Etsey Atisu September 02, 2019
The unidentified British tourist believed it was illiteracy that made the trader keep chickens in a cage | Dave Rudge

A female British tourist has sparked outrage and controversy after she threw full-mouthed insults and cusses at a chicken trader in a market in Morocco over what she believed was an inhumane treatment of the birds.

The tourist got incensed that the locals would allow ‘animals’ to be treated as such after seeing the birds in a cage, according to a report by the Mirror UK.

The unidentified woman appeared to speak with a southern English accent in a market place in the city of Tangier, the report added.

The spectacle, which was captured on video by an onlooker, has, so far, been viewed more than 5.3 million times on Twitter.

The tourist is then heard launching simultaneous rants and insulting gestures with her hands and fingers, wondering how anybody could cage hens like that. She called the locals uneducated and illiterate, reports the Mirror Uk.

The Daily Mail reports that after describing the locals as illiterate, she climbed on top of the plastic chicken cage and tried to wrench it open, before biting the trader’s hand.

As she did, she screamed, ‘Get off!’ telling them ‘You don’t treat animals like that.’

The Daily Mail adds that after a lengthy struggle, the woman was eventually detained by the crowd and handed over to the police, who, reportedly, took her to hospital with ‘hysteria’ rather than arrest her. 

A further video on Twitter shows the woman still making attempts at freeing the hens. She then hits the male trader and was quickly whisked away by some onlookers.

Some Moroccan inhabitants and social media users have accused her of white privilege and attempting to impose her Western views on another culture.

Others have described her as “disrespectful”, especially since she was a guest in another country.

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