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Cameramen Being Paid To Catch Kenyan Pastors With Their #PantsDown?

Charles Githinji #pantsdown

Kenyan Anglican Pastor Charles Githinji (pictured) is in hot water, after allegedly getting caught on video with a young woman in his hotel room, and the incident — and many others like it — has spurred the new hashtag #PantsDown, according to the BBC.

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In the video, Githinji is seen nervously putting on his clothes while the alleged husband kicks and hits his wife. After he is fully dressed — and a photo is taken of the pair  — Githinji explains that he was lured to the hotel room by the woman who said she needed urgent prayers because she was sick.

Watch news coverage of the incident here:

And while the video already has more than 250,000 views since it was uploaded in September, the bigger story seems to be the number of pastor-cheating videos cropping up on Kenya’s prime-time news.

Apparently, a number of freelance cameramen have reportedly received sizable amounts of money to catch pastors in the act from news networks.

These videos have caused #PantsDown to come to life, with more than 2,500 tweets tweeted in just the past few days.

The idea that cameramen are being handsomely paid by news networks has some speculating that videos such as Githinji’s were staged. Some even believe that Githinji was targeted by the cameraman, “wife,” and “husband” since the young woman can be seen smiling throughout the videotaping.

Deadbeat Kenya Facebook page creator Jackson Njeru agrees, remarking, “When I watched the video, something was not adding up. The lady was smiling. She was laughing,”

Kenyan BBC journalist Ruth Nesoba also added, “Apparently what is emerging is a clique of freelance cameramen who are going round looking for these kind of stories.”

Either way, the Anglican Church is reportedly investigating Githinji and say that “stern disciplinary action” will be taken against the pastor if the allegations are proven true.

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