New Telepone Number Increase To Take Place in Cameroon

Roland Muma October 03, 2014

Jean Pierre Biyiti Bi Essam

Yaounde, (Cameroon) Starting from November 21st, telephone numbers will increase from eight to nine digits said Cameroon’s Minister of Post and Telecommunications Jean Pierre Biyiti Bi Essam (pictured) during a press conference in Yaounde recently.

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This means that users of fixed telephone lines will have to update their entries by adding the No. 2 in front of any previous numbers, while users of the different mobile telephone services will add the No. 6 to their already existing entries without necessarily having to change their SIM cards.

To make the switch, users will not be required to pay any extra charges or be subjected to any administrative procedure.

In Cameroon, the introduction of a new telephone numbering plan is coming up for the third time, because there is a saturation of already existing numbers attributed to telephone companies.

Mr. Bi Essam explained further that the new numbering structure of nine digits will enable telephone companies operating in the republic to introduce new services so as to keep abreast with the rapid technological changes in electronic communications.

The incumbent government of President Paul Biya is constructing 3,000 KMs of optical fiber in the south of the republic and a submarine landing station in the locality of Limbe that will improve on the poor communication network in the country.

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