Poem: The Loophole That Mocked Us

Oni Abidemi Martins July 19, 2016

For Nigeria and what we have become….


The foundation crumbled at the cradle
Journey forever from birth bedeviled
The life and times
Of a jostled nation
Bed of icing broken before its time
From the beginning
Malaise! Malaise!
Plunder, pirates, conquests,
hatred, disease, resentments

Evil and lunatics had the ripening
Cohorts of flames

They stay as long
As it befits their song

Tussles will unend
Switches broken!
Lights out

Sudden, sudden death!
Then this quagmire,
Quagmire is only to pacify
Worse still!

It meant good, it meant bad
Only interest rate had a speed of light
And pressure would come 
From the throne
To keep Bonny light
In the darkest of conspiracies

She stays as long
As she wants 
For good, for bad
Only that we expend
To keep Bonny light

Hands were washed 
Pilate washed his hands
Off the coast west
Off the map and republic

She left and let live

No! she didnot
No!! she has not
No!!! She will not

Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: July 19, 2016


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