Cameroon Launches Campaign Against Polio

Roland Muma September 24, 2014


 Cameroon (Face2Face Africa) Following the discovery of five new cases of the contentious and wild poliomyelitis disease in the West and Central Africa Nation of the Republic of Cameroon, the Ministry of Public Health has taken measures to prevent the disease from spreading further by launching a series of synchronized vaccination campaigns in the republic.

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This vast and synchronized vaccination campaign targets children from birth to 5 years old, since they are very vulnerable to contracting the disease that leaves its victims paralyzed for life.

According to Cameroon’s Minister of Public Health, Andre Mama Fouda, “All countries engage campaigns against polio by synchronizing vaccines to benefit children less than 5 years. We have 25 cases of polio in our country, and we have to continue to make sure that we eradicate this disease from our country.”

Mothers have been encouraged to make their children available for doses of the vaccine by the various team of nurses who have been recruited to perform this exercise in all the health units in the country.

The poliomyelitis vaccination campaign has been organized in two phases that will come to a close in the month of November.

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