Profile: All African Cypher Male Artists

Sandra Appiah October 14, 2011


Profile: All African Cypher Male Artists
Emuwawon Ibukun Kevin, PRODUCER of the Nigerian Cypher beat, is a Producer, Rapper, Singer, Songwriter and Vocal instructor.  As CEO of the production outfit, MARTIANSHIP, it is of very little surprise that he won the Don Jazzy Enigma Beat Competition. As the Spaceshipboi persona; a fictional superhero figure from another dimension sent to earth with a message of Change and Hope to inspire this generation, he is definitely a force to reckon with.  The music he churns out is guaranteed to identify him as one of the best in the music production field in no time, and his debut single, I HAVE A DREAM off his fort coming debut album scheduled for a 2012 release, is already a testimony to that effect.

Profile: All African Cypher Male Artists

Jimmy Amu, popularly known as Cool Dj Jimmy Jatt is a legendary Disc Jockey who is known for setting the pace for hip-hop music in Nigeria and beyond. An icon in the Nigerian entertainment industry, Jimmy Jatt’s career began as an aspiring rapper, but after a fruitless search for a record label to sign him, he became a disc jockey instead.  He developed an interest in hip-hop and rap at an early age, and grew up listening to main stream US rap music from the late 70’s. As a way of giving back to the Nigerian hip-hop community, he has played a major role by grooming up and coming artists. He also recorded an award winning mix tape, The Definition, which features over 50 of Nigerian’s hottest artists. Cool Dj Jimmy Jatt’s TV show, Jimmy’s Jump Off, currently airs on local and international stations.


Profile: All African Cypher Male Artists
Ice Prince (Panshak Zamani,) began his career as a rapper while in secondary school. In 2004, he hooked up with M.I, Jesse Jagz, Ruby, Lindsey, Eve, Taz and together they became what is now as ‘Loopy’. M.I and Jesse Jagz who are his close friends, have also influenced his music. His first single was released in 2004 and in 2009; he was declared the winner of the largely competitive Hennessy Artistry. On October 9th of this year, Ice Prince released his debut album under his record label, Chocolate City.  Entitled, E.L.I., an acronym for Everybody Loves Ice Prince, his two previously released singles Oleku and Superstar, are bonafide international club hits and have won him multiple awards. These two hits have won worldwide appeal which is evident by the constant demand for his performances across the continent, and the Oleku track alone has created over 15 re-mixes worldwide. E.L.I. was the most anticipated album of the year and promises to exceed the expectations of Ice Prince’s fans across the world.


Profile: All African Cypher Male Artists

Born in the city of Jos, music immediately surrounded M.I's life. By the age of 10, M.I could play the drums and keyboards to an extent. Discovering rap music when he began secondary school, it was here that M.I fell in love with this art form.  While in college in the states in 1998, M.I got his hands on DMX's debut album and Lauryn Hill's Mis-education album and began to write his own music and poems. Upon returning to Nigeria in 2003, M.I returned to Jos, which was brimming with young rappers and hip hop producers. Through the influence of other young producers in the game, he started to work at Inner Hub Studios and to work on producing and recording his own music.  M.I was signed to Chocolate City in 2006 and came out with the hit single Crowd Mentality which topped the charts all over Nigeria. M.I today has continued to grow into stardom in Nigeria by participating  in a variety of shows. M.I has been a part of various projects such as Bring the Noise, traveling to other African Countries as well as the UK to collaborate with other artists while performing.  After dropping his first album, Talk About It, he changed the hip-hop scene in Nigeria forever and certified himself with the name Mr. Incredible.  Winning multiple awards and a 2010 BET Awards nomination amongst others, his first album which included hits such as Safe, became an instant success. He followed with his massive 2009 mix tape, Illegal Music. His second album M.I 2, dropped in December, 2010 and immediately dominated the charts with tracks such as Undisputed. M.I's role in the music industry cannot be overstated. He has been responsible for bringing out many upcoming artistes such as Wizkid, Jesse Jagz, Ruby, Pype, Ice Prince and the latest is Brymo. He has been described by many Nigerian and international hip-hop fans as Nigeria’s Hip-Hop Messiah.


As a hip-hop veteran from Nigeria, Modenine started rhyming in the early 90’s, but didn’t take the art form seriously until 2000 when he recorded IX FILES (Paybacktyme Records.) Two years in the making, it never hit the market, but singles like It’s About to Get Ugly, Schooling, and Back Wiva Vengeance heated up the air waves in 2002. While signed to Question Mark Entertainment, Modenine propelled the underground sound to mainstream. E 'Pluribus Unum was released in 2007, and was heralded as one of the best hip-hop albums to come out of Africa; even securing airplay on New York’s Hot 97.  Multiple award winning artist Modenine, known for his sick word play and inimitable lyricism (4 time winner of The Best Lyricist Award,)  has spat alongside some of the finest emcees such as the late Guru of Gangstarr, Wyclef Jean, Akon, Junior Reid, Kanye West, T-Pain, LL Cool J, Nas, and Talib Kweli. He has released several albums and mix tapes under his Indie label while working with various producers in the UK, US, and South Africa.  With a new album, Optimus Nine, in the works, the sky appears to be the only limit for Modenine.


Profile: All African Cypher Male Artists
Naetochukwu Chikwe “Naeto C” was born in Houston Texas. While in the states, Naeto linked up with Uzikwendu and Ikechukwu, and the trio formed the World Famous Akademy, an aspiring Record Label. Naeto C recorded over 40 to 50 songs as a solo artist and about 25 songs with the World Famous Akademy as a group.  In 2004, Storm Records expressed interest in signing the group having heard their material on a local radio station. As a solo artist, his first single from his album titled, You Know My P, was largely successful and remained on the charts for weeks, As a producer, Naeto C has worked with several Storm artists such as Sasha. He would go on to release his third single, Kini Big Deal which would dominate the charts and clubs worldwide for several years. Due to the hype and demand for Naeto C, he has performed at shows in the US, UK, and beyond. His next album titled Super C Season, has released a single titled Ako Mi Ti Poju. Naeto C has featured in major collaborations with hip-hop stars such as Sway, HHP, and an All Star Africa collaboration featuring HHP, Proverb, Zeus, Nazizi and Tamarasha which is entitled All around the A.


Profile: All African Cypher Male Artists
Babalola Falemi AKA Sauce Kid completed his high school education in Nigeria before moving to the United States. Once settled, he cultivated the habit of rhyming although it did not materialize until February 2005, when he agreed to start up an independent recording label  named  Q Beats Entertainment. In December 2005, Sauce Kid headed to Nigeria with a video for then hit, Omoge Wa Jo, which featured legendary AfroPop singer "Mike Okri." This video and song gained him recognition within the African music industry shortly after he was nominated for a Channel O Music Video Music Award in South Africa. Sauce Kid flew out to South Africa to attend the award show, and though he didn’t win, he still shined and secured a fan base and endless contacts.  Shortly after, he began to push a serious movement. Since then, Sauce Kid has become a household name in Nigeria. After the release of Moneylong: The Mixtape Best of Both Worlds, he created a change in the rap game. The instant hit song Yebariba Samboribobo (a spin off Remy Ma- Conceited, produced by Scott Storch) turned into a national anthem and street slang which is now commonly used amongst Nigerians. Sauce Kid has been dubbed the African Ambassador of Rap Music. His debut album entitled African American, waits to be digested by his ever-growing fans who are endlessly demanding to see more of Sauce Kid, AKA  It’s Naija!


Profile: All African Cypher Male Artists

X.O Senavoe, one of the most exciting breakout artists to grace the public's attention, has rapidly risen from an enigma, a name whispered among industry insiders, to an artist widely sought after by artists for collaborations and music consumers alike.  His confident and consistently laudable delivery captures the ears of his audience instantly, while his superior lyrical dexterity captures their minds with the imagery he projects in his words. Yet to release his first album, X.O has already collaborated with artists such as Mobb Deep, Efya, Sauce Kid, R2Bees, ShowDemCamp (SDC,) Ayigbe Edem, D-Black, and many more. Successfully churning out back to back hits, X.O Senavoe has proven that not only is he the best at what he does, but he is also able to provide that much needed consistency with regards to his art.  His largely anticipated mixtape, XpointO (The Intro), is due out in a few weeks with his debut album following soon after.  In his words, "I don't claim to be the best, being the best claims me." 


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