9 African Cities Make Rockefeller’s 100 Resilient Cities Project List

Mark Babatunde September 13, 2016

100 Resilient Cities

Population: Nairobi 3.2 million (2009 estimate)

Nairobi is the political and commercial capital of Kenya, contributing an estimated 60 percent toward the country’s GDP. However, its aging infrastructure and growing population have worsened public transportation, energy costs, and the quality of life. Aging infrastructure has also led to flash floods, which result in fatalities, the destruction of property, and outbreaks of waterborne diseases.

With more than 80 diplomatic missions, historic ties to major Western economic and security interests, and a growing influx of refugees from nearby war-torn countries, such as Somalia and South Sudan, Nairobi also faces the growing challenge of terrorism.

In 2013, Nairobi experienced a terrorist attack, resulting in 67 fatalities and 175 injuries. The attack led to economic losses in employment and investment and resulted in increased tensions between the country’s religious communities and a reduction in tourism.

The attacks highlighted a need for greater communication and coordination among first responders and security organizations.


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