Spotlight Beat: Classic Moroccan Belly Dancing

Sandra Appiah April 14, 2011

Written By: Greta Iori

Spotlight Beat: Classic Moroccan Belly DancingDance varies from genre to genre, country to country, and continent to continent. Rhythm and musical influence, coupled with intricate dance, are believed to be found in every form of limitless culture in Africa.

Today, I take you to Northern Africa, the intoxicating and addictive beats of Morocco. A country filled with different cultural, mainstream, and ceremonial dances, Morocco undeniably has something suiting to offer everyone’s taste.

Although belly dancing is believed to have originated in the Middle East, the sensual dance has migrated to countries such as Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, and all the way to Morocco. The most popular form of belly dancing in Morocco is know as ‘Deidra,’ a slow-beat dance, where the woman moves the core muscles of her hips, belly, legs, shoulders in fluid movements, linking one move to the next in a smooth manner.

The ‘Deidra’ belly dancing form has been in existence for many centuries,  and was inititally used as a traditional reworking of movement to demonstrate childbirth. This explains why it is categorized as an expression for living life from birth to death, alongside the slow thumping sounds of the beat. Nowadays the ‘Diedra’ dance is performed as a cultural dance throughout Morocco.

The incredible women who have mastered belly dancing are definitely to be commended.  Most would agree that the elaborate moves required for belly dancing are some of the most difficult moves to master in dance! A great workout for the ladies, and a mesmerizing show for the men, belly dancing can be quite a treat.

Here is to our spotlight Beat, The ‘Diedra’ Belly dance!

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