Summer Hot Spot: Casablanca, Morocco

Jocelyn Salala June 07, 2011

Summer Hot Spot: Casablanca, Morocco

Known for its beautiful jewelry and European feel, Casablanca is a must-see city on the African continent. Though Rabat is the official capital of Morocco, Casablanca is its largest city, and is home to about 3 million Africans.This gorgeous city is populated by tourists throughout the year, many of who visit to have the time of their lives in this North African paradise.

Summer Hot Spot: Casablanca, MoroccoIf you don’t like walking, Casablanca might not be the best place for you. Even though there are petit taxis, driving is indeed a headache. It is highly recommended that if you don’t want to be stuck in a car all day and night, you should most definitely walk. Besides, like any large city, a tourist can only really grasp the feel of a city’s culture by walking around and blending into the background.

Because Casablanca is such a popular city, be sure to book your hotel tickets early. The vibrant city is filled with plenty of hotels in and around the city, but you are encouraged to plan ahead because of the city’s popularity.

Summer Hot Spot: Casablanca, MoroccoOnce fully accommodated, tourists usually go visit one of the local beaches. Visitors can take a bus to Ain Diab, a small beach-side suburb. This beach still draws in a large crowd regularly. Not only is the beach a stop in Ain Diab, but there are a lot of beach clubs in the area with saltwater pools, restaurants, and cafes. Some beach clubs even have tennis and volleyball courts, and even disco clubs, depending on how much you are willing to spend of course!

Like any country you visit, trying the food is one of the essential factors of the trip and probably one of the best ways to experience the culture first hand. No matter where you are in Casablanca, you will find a superb place to enjoy a meal. Because of its large population of tourists, Casablanca has various cuisines from all over the world, although you wouldn’t be doing yourself justice if you don’t indulge in any of the traditional foods.

Summer Hot Spot: Casablanca, MoroccoNow for the best part of the whole trip — what to do? Well there is always Rialto Cinema, which is a historic movie theater. It was built in 1930 and has such beautiful internal art decorations that one will not only enjoy the movie, but the architecture surrounding it too. Tourists usually also stop by the Cathedral of Sacre C’ur. This cathedral had many traditional Moroccan designs and styles and was used as a school and then as a cultural center. Now however, its interior is rather run down, even though its exterior continues to hold visual appeal.

How do you get to all these places? Well, there are always walking and the taxis, but if you really want to step into the shoes of a local, take the CTM buses running constantly around the city. Grands Taxis are usually quick and easy to catch, but your best bet may be to take the train at Casa Port station or the Casa Voyageurs station. From there, you can explore and visit any part of Morocco or Casablanca.

So, drop in and explore beautiful Casablanca! We assure you will not regret it.


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