Ten Summer Beauty Essentials Under $15 or Less

Diarrha Ndiaye June 07, 2011

Despite the past week’s gloomy weather, summer has almost arrived! With the new season coming, it is essential to find new products to keep up with the upbeat spirit of summertime. Today, the F2FA Beauty team will unveil 10 fabulous finds to spruce up your favorite summertime purses.

I don’t know about you, but summertime means travel for me. With that in mind, let us keep all our treasures under $15, because ticket prices are getting steeper as we speak!

Ten Summer Beauty Essentials Under $15 or Less1. First, we will need the infamous Boscia Green Tea blotting tissues ($10, Sephora.com). Ever leave the house one-way and come back home looking like a totally different person? These all-natural blotting tissues will instantaneously eliminate shine and excessive oils throughout the day—without ruining your makeup.








2. What a clever concoction! Here we have theTen Summer Beauty Essentials Under $15 or Less Mr. & Mrs. Miniemergency kit priced at $13 (Sephora.com). This kit contains everything necessary for an emergency: Blistex lip ointment, dental floss, ice drops breath freshen, clear nail polish, deodorant towelette, earring backs, stain remover, tampon, and even double–sided tape! Consider this an SOS box right in your purse. Available in fun metallic colors: gold, silver and most recently, purple.





Ten Summer Beauty Essentials Under $15 or Less


3. The quickest way to spice up a day-to-day look would be lash extensions. Here we have rising company, Lashcraze.com. They have an array of eyelash choices, but my all–time favorite is the “Natural beauty” selection priced at $10.99 (which is also a favorite of popular YouTube blogger Lover4Fashion). These lashes are reusable — an amazing PLUS!





Ten Summer Beauty Essentials Under $15 or Less

4. Essie remains one of the best nail polish brands; simple yet vibrant and offers quite versatile  options. This summer’s pick priced at $8 will be the Mango Bango, which is a “sweet subtle coral.”Simply perfect for any summer outing!









Ten Summer Beauty Essentials Under $15 or Less

5. Every woman should own at least one nude Lip stick or lip-gloss! Luckily,
M.A.C cosmetics partnered with Lady Gaga and came out with a brilliant nude lipglass priced at $14.50 — Viva Glam Gaga Lipglass. The name of the beautiful lipglass is Light sandy neutral. It has received superb reviews thus far. This nude blend seems to fit an array of different skin complexions!















Ten Summer Beauty Essentials Under $15 or Less6. For those sleepless summer nights, or after late night BBQs, it is imperative to focus on accentuating the eyes to fool your boss about how alert you are. One quick trick is applying white eyeliner along the inner rim of your eyes. The Buxom Buxom Insider Eyeliner in Pearl/True White priced at $14 (Sephora.com) is the perfect product. The product is free of potential irritants making it particularly safe for the sensitive inner eye area. Now you can to fake a well–rested night!






Ten Summer Beauty Essentials Under $15 or Less7. Clean hands are never out of season. Imagine jumping from subway to taxi then onto touching door handles and then to elevator bottons—all in ninety-degree weather! You’ll probably be itching for an opportunity to wash your hands! Sephora and O.P.I were clever enough to be two steps ahead of us when they partnered and produced this chic, eco–friendly, and discreet moisturizing hand sanitizer spray. The antiseptic spray kills off 99.9% grime and bacteria without leaving the over–drying feeling generally associated with hand–sanitizers. So get fancy with this $5 product, and whip out this spray whenever in doubt.




Ten Summer Beauty Essentials Under $15 or Less8. MASCARA! My favorite essential. Over the years my favorite mascara still remains Covergirl Lash Blast; yes, the notorious orange tube. This has been a staple for many especially makeup artists of our beloved NYC fashion week. For only $8, you can now make our way through the city with lush, enchanting lashes to die for.




Ten Summer Beauty Essentials Under $15 or Less9. For every night you don’t wash your makeup off, you age 3 minutes! Bet you didn’t you know that! So no matter how many drinks you had, or how late the night was, it is imperative that you clean off your makeup. If you don’t trust your self, I suggest buying this “to die for” Ole Henriksen product for that nightstand. “Truth to go wipes” ($15, Sephora.com) removes even the toughest makeup while also treating the skin with age defying ingredients such as Vitamin C and micro algae. Sounds like a win–win to me. Did I mention these glorious wipes smell like skittles?




Ten Summer Beauty Essentials Under $15 or Less10. Setting Spray- Every makeup artist’s must have commodity is now available to every diva. Make Up Forever, the company responsible for the phenomenal makeup of Black Swan and Moulin Rouge, has a mini Mist and Fix makeup finishing spray ($8, sepora.com) that works like insurance. With two sprays three feet from a finished face, you can be assured that your makeup will last longer, and will withstand temperature changes as well as environmental pollution. This spray also has the ability to bring makeup BACK to life. Headed somewhere after work? Spray this, pat down, and your makeup will be revived! Is it’s like magic.

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