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Sandra Appiah May 16, 2011

Patricia Kissi, MS

Seeking professional help can be a taboo in some African cultures. However, it is similar to seeking spiritual guidance from our spiritual leaders. Psychotherapy has created a forum for issues that sometimes cannot be answered by family members or friends.

Talk therapy should be considered when you are going through challenging situations. This type of therapy typically refers to spending about an hour a week talking with a mental health professional. Treatment can last from several weeks to years. Every person's situation is different.

Talk therapy can sometimes be the best non-chemical treatment for mental health issues.  It is important, however, that you find a therapist that makes you feel comfortable.  A therapist that you feel you can have an open dialogue with. Trust is key! It is important that you know that when talking to a therapist what you say is confidential unless you are threatening to harm yourself or others.

Some of the different types of mental health professionals include:

• Psychiatrists
• Psychiatric nurses
• Social Workers
• Psychologists

Examples of situations in which one might need therapy include:

• Depression
• The loss of a loved one
• Physical, emotional, sexual abuse
• Anxiety
• Feelings of being overwhelmed
• Dealing with frustration
• Anger management
• Phobias

How can you find a great therapist? You can find a therapist through the current insurance plans offered by your employers.  You can also use the Internet to find a good, licensed therapist. Sites like, and are great for finding local professionals.  You can also ask friends for their recommendations. This information can be key to freeing your mind!


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