The foolery continues as three more outrageous racist incidents hit the U.S.

Farida Dawkins April 16, 2018

Starbucks fiasco

Two black men were arrested last Thursday in a Philadelphia Starbucks for trespassing.  They were waiting for a friend to join them.  Like many of us do in public spaces. Melissa DePino confirmed this when she relayed to The Root, “They were just sitting there waiting for their friend.”

An employee of the popular coffee and treats franchise told the men that if they didn’t make a purchase, they couldn’t stay in the store.

However, there were individuals in the store who hadn’t bought anything and were in there for hours without receiving any hassle.

“If I had gone in there and not ordered a drink, they never would have called the police on me,” DePino said.

The CEO of Starbucks, Kevin Johnson, has spoken out about the racially charged incident calling it a “reprehensible outcome.” Johnson has revealed he wants to meet the men and formally apologize as reported by Time Magazine.

Last Edited by:Ismail Akwei Updated: September 15, 2018


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