The secret to Serge Ibaka’s consistent form: delicious Congolese fumbwa [Video]

Francis Akhalbey April 19, 2018
Congolese NBA star Serge Ibaka -- Photo via his Instagram page

Vice Sports recently hung out with Congolese Toronto Raptors basketball star Serge Ibaka at his apartment and he just could not allow them to leave without having a taste of his favourite Congolese dish. In the video, Ibaka talks about his love for fumbwa, a very popular Congolese stew prepared with wild spinach, peanuts and palm oil.

According to Serge, he could literally eat it every day: “I could eat this every day. My mom, sometimes, she used to ask us ‘ok, hey guys, what do you guys want to eat today?’ I used to say ‘this’ (fumbwa) every time.”

The fumbwa surely worked some magic as he dropped 25 points, the most he has ever scored for the Raptors in a game against the Indiana Pacers the next day.

The NBA star and philanthropist also spoke about his home country of Congo and how he always looks forward to going back every post season. Watch the video below:

Born in Congo Brazzaville to two professional basketball players, Ibaka began his basketball career in 2008 with Spanish team CB L’Hospitlet. He eventually made it to the NBA in 2008 after being drafted by the Seattle Supersonics making him the first player from the Republic of Congo to be selected in a draft.

He has also played for the Oklahoma City Thunder and Orlando Magic and is a member of the Spanish national basketball team.

Wishing Serge the best of luck in the playoffs!

Last Edited by:Ismail Akwei Updated: April 19, 2018


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