Tanzania musician, Diamond Platinumz, released on bail after posting ‘indecent’ video

Nduta Waweru April 18, 2018
Diamond Platnumz [Photo: Diamond/Instagram]

Tanzanian musician Diamond Platinumz was yesterday released on bail after he was arrested over photos he posted on his social media page, Instagram.

The popular musician was arrested over what the East African country calls a breach “of the country’s norms and values.”

Diamond, 28, recorded himself shirtless, kissing an unidentified woman as music plays in the background.  The singer was brought in for questioning and released on bail pending investigations. If found guilty, he’d have to pay a fine of $2,200 or end up in jail for at least 12 months, or both.

The arrest came in weeks after the singer threatened to leave Tanzania because the country had banned some of his songs for allegedly being sexual.

This arrest forms part of the crackdown by Tanzania on musicians and content that is in contravention of the country’s cultural values. Also part of this is the requirement that bloggers and content creators online must pay $900 annually to run their content online.

Activists have complained that these rules are a violation of their freedom of expression.

According to Information Minister Harrison Mwakyembe, the government is monitoring other artists engaging in “decadent behaviour.”  He warned that their popularity will not save them from facing the law, reports the BBC.

Diamond has since pulled down the videos and seems to be focusing on business as usual.

Last Edited by:Nduta Waweru Updated: April 18, 2018


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