The top 10 hobbies of the world’s richest Black people

Ben Ebuka February 15, 2023
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Aside from creating more enterprises to enlarge their business empire and net worth, billionaires and millionaires also spend their time on non-business-related activities. The affluent devote time to socializing, giving to charity, and engaging in leisure and recreational activities. They know how to splurge and enjoy their wealth in different ways. While average income earners manage their resources and spend time briefly on beaches and playgrounds in the neighborhoods, the super-rich sails on luxury yachts and travel to high-end destinations for holiday vacations.

The rich have a penchant for lifestyle living and engaging in some activities or hobbies mostly attractive to their class. According to New World Wealth analyst Andrew Amolis, “Estate living is becoming increasingly popular among the high-net-worth individuals as they search for safety, privacy, tranquility, and closeness to nature and wildlife.

From horse-riding to boat-sailing, traveling, and hunting games in Africa, here are some of the exciting recreational activities prevalent among the wealthy.

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