These triplet sisters just graduated together with nursing degree

Dollita Okine January 03, 2024
The Stephenson triplets recently received their nursing degrees from South University. Photo Credit: WSFA

The Stephenson triplets, Jean, Jeanet, and Jeanice, recently received their nursing degrees from South University. Drawing inspiration from their mother, Jean told WSFA, “My mom was a nurse. She was my inspiration for joining nursing.”

The 23-year-olds motivate themselves and help each other when they don’t understand anything, ensuring that everyone is learning at the same pace. 

“If one person doesn’t know something, you can go to the other, and maybe they’ll explain it a little better,” Jeanice shared.

Despite sharing the same profession as nurses, the three have distinct fields of interest.

“I want to do ICU, Jean wants to do pediatrics or NICU, and Jeanice wants to do ER,” Jeanet noted.

Still, the connection that began the day they were born continues to grow stronger.

“We’ve always shared everything: cars, clothes, rooms, bathrooms. We were always very close because we shared everything,” Jean expressed.

The Stephenson sisters said there are times when people can’t distinguish between them. 

“It took a while for students to get our name down, and some teachers still can’t tell us apart,” Jeanice commented.

“Sometimes we do play tricks on people. We do get confused a lot,” Jeanet joked.

The three sisters would all prefer to work at the same hospital eventually, even if their areas of interest in nursing are unique.

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