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These were the five Nigerian super-rich men who were the talk of town during the independence era

Mohammed Awal November 08, 2019 at 05:00 pm

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Sanusi Dantata (1919–1997)

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Photo credit: Davina Diaries

Sanusi Dantata was the son of Alhassan Dantata. He was once a director of the Nigeria branch of Shell B.P. and founder of Sanusi Dantata and sons limited. 

Dantata it was said left him a will that amounted to over $12,000 even though he was a wealthy man at the time. 

According to Forbes, Sanusi became rich trading commodities like grain oats and rice and was one of Kano’s wealthiest citizens. In the 1960s, he was the largest licensed produce-buying agent of groundnut in the country.

Sanusi and his brother, Aminu was reported to have controlled about 200 agents involved in buying kola nut, livestock, groundnuts, and merchandise, using about five autonomous levels of associates, agents, and farmers.

He gave 21-year-old Aliko Dangote, his grandson a loan of $500,000 to trade in rice, sugar, and cement upon graduation from a university in Cairo, Egypt.


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