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This 6-yr-old channeled her inner Beyoncé in ‘Black is King’ choreography and totally nailed it

6-year-old influencer Grey Skye Evans channels her inner Beyoncé in 'My Power' dance routine

Lately, influencers come in all shapes, sizes and ages and their finesse on their social media handles can keep you hooked on your phone all day. There are levels to this influencing game and Beyoncé is one heck of an influencer.

Her “Black is King” visual album was met with love and gratitude by her fans for its unique choreography, artistry, fierce looks, and creative direction. In true influencer style, others have taken aspects of the videos that suit their personality and done remakes to them.

Such is 6-year-old influencer Grey Skye Evans who put her spin on the choreography from the song “My Power” created by Ebony Williams and Kany Diabatee.

Clad in a red ensemble like the one Beyoncé wore in the original video, Grey’s mother Ylleya Evans told Good Morning America, “Grey is inspired by Beyoncé because she is the best. She loves her songs and her dance moves. She loves trying to emulate the moves that Beyoncé does, and she prides herself in being able to try and keep up with her.”

Grey, who in her own rights shares her creativity with her followers, loves the Queen B and shared a snippet of the dance on her Instagram page. She posted a photo grid of their dance routines and it was an instant hit, receiving more than 100,000 views.

Her comments section was filled with praise and admiration for talent. Positive comments like this from @lanier7ab87 on Grey’s routine certainly do the trick. “Do it, little Grey! Your coordination for 6 is amazing, your dance moves are unbelievable! Good job, little Princess!”

Grey, who usually entertains her followers with rap, singing, dancing and the usual play dates with her siblings, uses a couple of days to master her dance routines but with My Power, Ylleya said it took about 10 minutes for the little dance goddess to grasp.

It must take some level of dedication and a depth of knowledge to be able to do something like that in a matter of minutes. “I asked Grey what she thought ‘my power’ meant, and she said it means what God has for me no one can take, like my dancing,” said Ylleya.

Grey is certainly enjoying all the buzz her video is generating and is elated that her work is being recognized. Her mother also hopes that her daughter will inspire other girls just like Beyoncé inspires her. As the saying goes, “real recognizes real”, no?

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