12 things you should never, ever say to a couple on their wedding day

Wedding of Nigerian singer Banky W & actress Adesua Etomi. Photo: GY ONLINE NG

Nobody wants to be the annoying wedding guest a couple invited, and that is why you should be mindful of what to say and what not to say on such an occasion.

At weddings, you get to talk with invited guests, and hopefully, you will get a few moments with the bride and groom. And this is where you need to be careful as there are certain things the bride and groom just don’t need to hear.

You might want to tell them how amazing they look and how lovely the ceremony is but these sweet conversations could end badly if you don’t keep certain questions and comments to yourself.

Here are 12 questions and statements you should avoid bringing to a couple’s attention on their very special day:

1. I can’t believe you are married! I never thought I would live to see the day.

2. Your dress must have cost a fortune!

3. What next? A baby?

4. The food is cold.

5. The DJ sucks!

6. I want to make a toast.

7. This wedding must have been really expensive.

8. I don’t want to sit at that table.

9. You look tired? Are you okay?

10. I love this place. We’ve been to let’s say five weddings here this year.

11. You didn’t invite “Michael”.

12. I put your gift on the gift table.

Last Edited by:Ama Nunoo Updated: February 4, 2021


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