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Top 10 luxury safari lodges in South Africa you should have on your bucket list

Apart from having 17% of the world’s population (1.4 billion as of January 25, 2023), Africa is home to 30% of the world’s mineral resources and over 3,000 diverse ethnic tribes across the continent. These diverse tribes have different unique, adorable, and intriguing ancient cultures, customs, and traditions that coalesce to make Africa the home of breathtaking and scintillating cultural festivals, ceremonies, and rituals. Each year, more national and international cultural programs and events occur in different parts of the continent throughout the year, showcasing the exclusive, enviable, and enchanting African cultures to national and international audiences.

In addition to its intriguing cultures, Africa is home to different species of plants and animals, historical heritage sites, unparalleled landscapes, and captivating environmental features. The unique cultures, heritage sites, wildlife, water bodies, flora and fauna, and other fascinating environmental features form the biggest aspects of tourism export in Africa. Yearly, the tourism industry attracts increasingly unimaginable numbers of tourists year-round, who are thrilled and stupefied with the sights of the unique endowments of the continent.

Wildlife adventures, safari visits, luxury boat rides, mountain climbing, sea diving, and cultural fiestas are just a few of the activities occurring at different times in different wildlife parks, game lodges, and other tourist resorts located in different countries in Africa.

Known as a tourism hub for exotic safari experiences, Southern Africa is the leading tourist destination and the main destination for luxury tourism in the continent, with South Africa having more tourist locations. According to New World Wealth, South Africa is home to over 38,000 High-Net-Worth-Individuals and about 85,000 High-Net-Worth-Individuals, mainly from the UK and the rest of Europe, who visit the country for a luxury vacation.

Here are the top 10 luxury safari lodges in South Africa for the Super-Rich; picked based on the following rating criteria: renowned for quality service, exclusivity and safety, presence of wildlife and fascinating flora and fauna, increased popularity and patronage among the wealthy, home feel, and presence of original forest habitat. (Click next to continue)

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Ben Ebuka

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