Watch: Conjoined twins give answers to people’s burning questions in viral video

Conjoined twins Lupita and Carmen Andrade have stepped forward to address some curiosity-driven questions that their social media fans have been posing.

The 23-year-old Connecticut residents, who immigrated to the United States from Mexico as babies, are joined at the torso and share a pelvic and reproductive system. Each sister has two arms but only one leg.

Carmen remarked in a video, “If one of us is tired, we don’t have to be tired because we have two separate brains.” The video has received a lot of attention and has about 9 million views. “Yes, one of us can be awake and one of us can be asleep because, again, different brains. We are two separate people.”

The more talkative of the siblings, Carmen, added that she and Lupita have the same reproductive system and that they both have pelvic pain as a result of endometriosis. In 2023, they revealed to Today.com that they are using a hormone blocker that stops them from going through menstruation.

She therefore stated, “So you do the math of your weird inappropriate questions about sex,” in response to the inquisitive minds that wanted to know about sex.

Regarding death, she responded, “We share a bloodstream, so eventually sepsis will kick in and obviously within hours or days the other one will die,” yet she added, “But we’re not dead, so why always ask us that?”

Playfully, she responded to inquiries about the potential consequences of one of them being imprisoned, saying, “Never been through that process, so how would we have that kind of knowledge.”

The two live their personal lives as independently and separately as they can, each with their own social security number and identification card.

With over 73,000 Instagram followers and over 3 million TikTok followers, the twins lead an active social life and are highly visible on social media.  

Carmen remarked, “It’s not all rainbows and sunshine, we’ve had a lot of challenges, but we have a great life. We go to movies and concerts (sharing one seat) and we travel on airplanes. Last year, we went to California and we’ve also flown to Texas.”

While Lupita identifies as asexual, Carmen, her sister, does not; in 2020, she met Daniel, her boyfriend, on the dating app Hinge. She stressed that neither she nor her spouse can have children and that they do not wish to.

Carmen did, however, mention that her sister and her boyfriend are excellent friends. In turn, Lupita stated that she hopes her sister settles down eventually.

Lupita wants to work as a technician in the veterinary industry, while Carmen is pursuing a degree in veterinary nursing at college.

Even though the twins have had their fair share of hurtful words and acts from others, they are surrounded by many loving family members.

By using social media to remind people that “we’re not just conjoined twins, we’re people,” they primarily hope to normalize people’s perceptions about conjoined twins.

Dollita Okine

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