Witches and Wizards of Nigeria Declare War on Boko Haram

Abena Agyeman-Fisher July 29, 2014

Okhue Iboi

With Boko Haram terrorizing civilians daily, the Witches and Wizards Association of Nigeria (WITZAN) has officially declared war on the militant group. WITZAN leader Dr. Okhue Iboi (pictured) recently spoke to the press about his organization’s plans to capture militant leader Abubaker Shekau by the end of the year.

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In June, Face2Face Africa reported on the town of Attagara, where 30 people died after Boko Haram opened fire on the public. What stood out, though, were a number of reports verifying that spiritual leaders had united with civilians the week before, ultimately capturing and killing a number of Boko Haram terrorists.

Face2Face Africa reported:

According to various reports, Boko Haram allegedly attacked armed women (pictured at top) with sticks while riding motorcycles. After fighting back, the women reportedly alerted locals as well as a youth vigilante group, resulting in seven terrorists being killed, with many more meeting their demise through lynching. Some reports indicate that some of the women in addition to local talisman were able to briefly “paralyze” the parasitic men in order to protect the women.

CounterCurrent News:

Local residents said that the initial attack happened when the terrorists that the villagers described as Boko Haram came into town on motorcycles. Stories are already building up in the aftermath of the victory, as some locals claim that the men were paralyzed by local talismans protecting the initial women who the men encountered.

The initial women were said to have then gone to their local militia which included a number of armed women, who promptly raced to the scene, repelled and executed the attackers.

Mamman Yakubu, a youth that participated in the resistance, said that they killed the terrorists because Boko Haram members never talk when interrogated, and they did not want to risk any of them getting away.

And while that collaborative attack may have been the first that received international coverage, if Dr. Oboi has anything to do with it, it certainly won’t be the last.

Dr. Iboi told Sun News that while WITZAN was scheduled to have their meeting in October, members insisted that the group meet in July in order to actively combat Boko Haram, “Witches and Wizards in Nigeria are deeply worried by what is going on in the country especially Boko Haram insurgency.  As stakeholders in the Nigerian project, we can no longer afford to fold our hands while  the nation burns.  Enough is enough.

“Our bi-annual meeting was actually supposed to come up in first week of October, but our fellow brothers and sisters from these three North eastern states made passionate appeal to our general assembly imploring us to discuss Boko Haram matter.   Witches and wizards in Adamawa. Borno and Yobe states want us to intervene, to help cage Shekau and his blood-thirsty lieutenants.”

In addition, contrary to the powerful and untouchable image Shekau presents, according to Dr. Iboi, he will be captured and paraded through the streets by December, “We witches and wizards in Nigeria have sealed the fate of Shekau. His days are numbered.  He will be captured before the end of December, and contrary to the image and impression he has been  creating that he is a warrior, after his capture, he will start singing like a canary bird.”

While Boko Haram has only been in existence for five years, 2014 is the most-violent year in their short tenure. Many have wondered how the group has managed to get their seemingly limitless supply of firearms, rocket launchers, and grenades, effectively overwhelming and outgunning the nation’s military.

In fact, in Shekau’s latest video that he released two weeks ago, he brazenly thanked some of the most-notorious leaders of al-Qaeda, saying, “To you my dear brethren, Muslims, those who are true believers and not those that practice democracy, not those who believe in constitution, not those who believe in western education. My regards to my leaders like Mullar Umar, the Amirul Muminin in Afghanistan, great minds like Sheikh Al Zawahiri; those like Amir of Yemen, Abu Basir; the likes of Abu Mus’ab Abdul Wudud; and others In Pakistan and Iran, like Al-Baghadad. My greetings go to you all. I thank you all. We give thanks to almighty Allah; here we are in the land called Nigeria; but we don’t see it as Nigeria.”

Dr. Iboi spoke to Boko Haram’s backers adding, “An ordinary eye can’t see what we are seeing in the coven world.  Witches and wizards have put Shekau on our radar.  There is no peace for him again until the day of his arrest.”

As for the state of the missing girls, Dr. Iboi proclaimed that most of the girls would be returned home and gave specific information about their current whereabouts, “Those girls are coming back home.  They will be rescued, but it is sad that I have to say here that not all of them are coming back. They are not  being held in the same place, some are in Niger, and some are in Cameroon while others are in Chad and Nigeria.”

For those who remain skeptical about the power and actual insight of the wizards and witches, Dr. Iboi said, “Five years ago, this was in 2010, when Nigerians were preparing for 2011 general elections, especially the presidential poll, we came out to warn General Ibrahim Babangida and former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar not to contest against President Goodluck Jonathan, that Jonathan will floor them. What happened after these two eminent Nigerians disobeyed us, they lost in a disgraceful manner to Jonathan. Our warning to IBB and Atiku came out in one or two national dailies.

“Witches are like spirits. We are invisible.  It is only those that operate in the spiritual realm that can see us either when we are meeting or going for assignment.  I was born a witch.  I inherited witchcraft from my mother when I was in her womb, from the age of 7 I started seeing unborn babies in their mothers’ womb, and I could predict with precision of sex of an unborn child whether it is a boy or girl. When I was born, I was born with a leaf in my hand, and starting from the age of 5, I started healing people like a grown-up herbalist.”

Meanwhile, yet another female suicide bomber set off a bomb next to the ShopRite shopping mall in Kano on Monday. Approximately 19 years old, the bomber killed herself and injured six others, according to Sahara Reporters. This makes the fourth female suicide bombing in Boko Haram’s attacks.

Also on Monday, a woman set off a bomb in Kano while standing in line at a petrol station, killing herself and three others, and on Sunday, a 15-year-old released another bomb, but only succeeded in killing herself.

The first female suicide bombing in Nigeria took place in Gombe.

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Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: June 19, 2018


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