10 comedy movies to keep your spirit up in a COVID-19 lockdown

Vivian Essi Avugla March 18, 2020
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It takes death to bring some families together. It took a funeral to rip this one apart. 

Two rival brothers hold a funeral for their beloved father, husband and uncle Edward Barnes. Their father wanted his memorial service to be held at home, so his eldest son, Aaron; his daughter-in-law, Michelle; and his widow, Cynthia, make that happen. But it didn’t happen easily. In fact, almost everything that could go wrong does. 

First the wrong corpse is delivered, then their cousin boyfriend takes a hallucinogenic drug and decides to “free” the dead body from its confines. Despite her grief, Cynthia continues to nag her son Aaron and his wife Michelle to have a baby. And Aaron’s rivalry with his successful novelist brother, Ryan, cranks back up into high gear while they find out their dad was gay. Edward’s clandestine gay lover, Frank, shows up demanding blackmail money. Without it, he’ll show Cynthia photos of some very compromising positions. 

At first the brothers consider paying their father’s lover, Frank off in a bid to protect their mom, Cynthia. Instead they opt for binding and gagging him. This bad decision leads to several others, naturally. And though no one but Edward ends up dead, the cast’s bungled efforts to conceal secrets and clean up messes leads to hilarious events.

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