10 iconic black activists who visited Ghana in the 50s and 60s

Elizabeth Ofosuah Johnson February 01, 2019

Muhammed Ali – 1964

In his heyday, the Greatest Boxer of All Time,  Muhammad Ali visited Ghana when he was just 22. The heavyweight champion touched down in Ghana on May 16, 1964, to an excited crowd at the Airport, cheering him as the king.

The visit was part of his world victory tour, and the young boxer, at the time, had kept Ghana on his list as a place to visit and connect with his African roots. Another major reason why the boxer visited was to meet Nkrumah, who was celebrated all over the world by the black community. Ali was gifted a royal kente by Nkrumah and visited several communities, schools and historical places in the country, fulfilling the goal he had set when he said, “I want to see Africa and meet my brothers and sisters.”


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