117-year-old believed to be world’s oldest living woman celebrates birthday, shares secret to longevity

Stephen Nartey September 26, 2023
Cicera Maria Dos Santos/Photo credit: Newsflash/ABD post

A 117-year-old believed to be the world’s oldest woman living has celebrated her birthday alongside her 107-year-old sister in Brazil. Cicera Maria Dos Santos gave her birth year as 1906, placing her age at 117.

If her birth year is accurate, she will be a year older than Maria Branyas Morera, who currently holds the Guinness World Record at the age of 116.

Cicera celebrated the birthday with her 107-year-old sister in the company of family and friends. The occasion was livened by the colorful cakes, snacks, and cheering crowd. Sharing the secret behind her longevity, Cicera attributed it to her staunch faith in God and a balanced diet which includes beans, potatoes, cassava, and corn, according to Daily Mail.

Cicera, a lifelong resident of the Brazilian countryside, said she earned a living by selling chickens at the local market in Paraiba, a northeastern state of the country. According to Josefa’s grandson Ruan, his elderly sister is descended from ancestors who were once enslaved, tracing their family’s history of oppression back five generations. Slavery was prevalent in Brazil from the mid-16th century until its abolition in the 1860s.

He explained that the sisters should be seen as resilient individuals who not only endured the trials of the previous century but also triumphed over COVID-19, making their presence today a source of immense joy.

For now, it remains uncertain whether Cicera’s family would want to pursue Guinness World Records to assess when her age could potentially qualify her as the world’s oldest living woman.

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