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Mother explains why she homeschools her five kids after moving them into a tent in the woods

One of London Shanta's daughter/Photo credit: Londa Shanta via tiktok

Despite criticism from online trolls, a mother of five has decided to press on with her decision to home-school her children while living in the woods. London Shanta decided to relocate her family to live in the woods in a tent following the increasing cost of living.

It took her three of rigorous planning to make the decision she believes is the best for her family. She has been facing criticism from online trolls who disagree with her choice to home-school her children in the woods, but, she insists the path to success is sometimes lonely.

In her post, she captioned: “There will always be someone trying to discourage you from building the life you desire. Successful people ignore those who settle for mediocrity due to their fear of believing in themselves.”


I pray they grow up to be fearless women who go after everything in life day deserve and never let anyone tell them what they can or can’t do🤎🫶🏾 #homeschool #unschooling #blackhomeschoolmom #momlife #parenting #freekid #selflove

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London said she was content with a life free from financial burdens, stress, and the opinions of others. According to her, the goal is to build generational wealth and purchase an RV for world schooling while traveling six months each year. Her post comes on the heels of an earlier message encouraging followers to pursue their dream lifestyles, as reported by the New York Post.

She said at the age of 20, she worked multiple fast-food jobs while attending school, devoid of any savings. With only two children and unwavering faith, the optimistic mom said she began envisioning her future home on her own land in a rural setting.

Now at 28 years old, she finds herself on her own land, building the life she envisioned with her husband and five children. She urged others to be grateful for their current circumstances while emphasizing the importance of following one’s heart and pursuing the life they truly deserve.

While many have applauded the mother for her decisive choices, others were critical of her move. One social media user said her actions come across as selfish towards her children.

Some said she was fixated on living rent-free without a clear reason. However, there were also viewers who were enthusiastic about the content, requesting more day-to-day life videos and expressing admiration and pride for the mother’s choices.

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