by Mildred Europa Taylor, at 07:14 am, February 02, 2018, Money Moves, Tech & Innovation

4 made-in-Africa cars ready to hit the world market

Mobius Motors – Kenya

The company in 2014 had its inaugural model Mobius II rolled off the assembly line. Fifty units were sold by the end of 2015, with the company now focusing on producing more advanced models. Mobius Motors was founded in 2009 by British entrepreneur Joel Jackson. He was then working in rural Kenya and realized that people had vehicles that were not able to withstand the country’s rough terrain and long distances. The company, therefore, designed its cars around Africa’s road terrain and distance. The Kenyan car manufacturer is planning to introduce an affordable, but robust and classy SUV for the African mass market. The Mobius II, which is a significant step up of the inaugural car released in 2014 is set to be on the road by next year, 2019. The entry-level model currently costs 1.3 million Kenyan Shillings ($12,500). The company has since begun accepting orders for its latest car, the Mobius II.

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