5 popular folklore from Belize still told till date

Francis Akhalbey September 21, 2018

Belize is a country with a very diverse society and fascinating history. The main ethnic groups that make up the Caribbean nation include the Creoles, the Maya, the Mestizos and the Garifuna.

The Creoles are mostly made up of descendants of African slaves imported into the country between the 18th and 19th centuries.

The Maya, though a part of the minority in the country constitute its indigenous population with records showing their inhabitance on the Caribbean nation dating back to 2500 B.C. There are three Maya groups in Belize namely the Yucatec, Mopan, and Q’eqchi’ Maya.

The Mestizos, on the other hand constitute people of mixed Spanish and Maya descent who originally came to Belize in 1847 to escape the Caste War.

The Garifuna, who are a mixture of West/Central African, Arawak, and Island Carib (Kalinago) ancestry arrived in Belize as enslaved survivors of a shipwreck.

With such unique diversity, Belizean cultures and traditions including their folktales are particularly interesting.

To celebrate their independence day, Face2Face Africa shares with you some rather interesting Belizean folklore still told till date.

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