by Mildred Europa Taylor, at 10:47 am, May 23, 2018, Uncategorized

6 African resources enriching the world but Africa

Zambia has the largest stake in copper — BusinessTech


The prices of Copper in which Zambia has the largest stake have risen at a high rate of $7,000 per tonne.

Zambia’s economy has depended on copper throughout the years, so it will be prudent for the mining sector to contribute tremendously to the growth of the country.

That is not the case. Whether the price of the resource increases or decreases, the people do not benefit.

The mining companies, as usual, enjoy much of the profits to the detriment of the communities where the resources are even found.

The mining activities have also damaged the environment and affected the quality of water and soil.

Infrastructure in terms of health, education, good roads are inadequate, especially in communities where these resources are found.

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