BY Roland Muma, 10:57am April 23, 2014,

Cameroonian Woman Abandons Toddlers in Front of Church

Cam-momBamenda, Cameroon (Face2FaceAfrica) A lady who is yet to be identified abandoned two children at the entrance of Presbyterian Church Azire, which is located in the city of Bamenda, Cameroon, on Easter Eve.

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According to the Parish Pastor of Presbyterian Church Azire Rev. Dr. Ngwa Julius Ambe, who spoke to Face2Face Africa by phone, the lady abandoned the two children with a handwritten letter and a dirty bag at the church door while Christians were in church worshipping.

Rev. Dr. Ngwa explained further that the letter elaborated that the biological Mother of the children had been kidnapped or gone missing. The author of the letter did not mention the name of the allegedly missing Mother but did mention the names of the children as Abigail  Mbogeh, aged 3 and a half years old, and Grace Matam, aged 1 year 4 months old. As is often the case with these abandonment incidents, the author of the letter could very well be the Mother.

Since the children, who the pastor describes as “special gifts,” were left at the church, the pastor’s wife, Mrs. Ngwa Constance, has been taking care of the children as a foster Mother and Christians of the church have contributed funds for the up-keep of the children.

The State Counsel of Bamenda, a bailiff, and social welfare services are also working synergistically with the church to ensure that the children are well taken care of, while legal measures are being taken for the church to adopt the children, according to the pastor.

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